About Us
"Jennice Wan" has been in the business since 2006 (Owned by Yumi Food Ingredients Mart), and now develop as a well-established Supplier of Bakery Ingredients. We do supply wide range of Bakery Ingredients, Bakery utensils, & decoration tools, pastry container, machinery and etc.. 

Our Mission

We also experienced in assist numerous business succeed in the F & B market. If you are F & B operator, we would be honored to serve your business with our expertise and range of products. Our wholesaling supply chain focuses on café & restaurant / cake & bakery house / Hotel / Bakery Product Manufacturer / Bakery Ingredients Retailer / Pastry Tutor.

Please contact us for further inquiry, we would like to spend our time considering your needs of the ingredients as well as offering you the wholesaling price for your business.

Notwithstanding the rapidly changes of the market and the consumer preferences, sourcing and explore the new ingredients & contemporary bakery tools are always our priority concern, this will keep us and yourself up-to-date from what the world has change.

With the popular demand from the household consumer, bakery demo class will be held oftenly in our studio, and we communicate consistently with the experienced pastry chef from time to time, to make sure that you are always hold the first hand information and the latest bakery recipe in the market.


We position ourself as a leading supplier in the region for both quality and service. Motivated by this goal, we are continiously putting in our best effort in every area of our operation, from management  to staff training and development to bringing the best product and services to all our customers.
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